Taking into account that one of the strategic lines of Agrocluster Ribatejo is the strengthening of its international relations, this cluster has since 2013 integrated Natureef, an international network in the area of natural resources efficiency. The transfer of technology to the companies of the region, is one of the objectives of the project.


2nd Natureef General Meeting

The selection came after the international application to the European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP), aimed at clusters and organizations interested in intensifying cross-border and intersectoral collaboration. In order to be able to integrate the consortium, Agrocluster also had to prove the bronze seal attributed to it by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, Managers Club, a project created by the European Commission that gives this cluster an excellent management and operation. The integration of the cluster in this consortium reinforces the important role that Agrocluster has been playing at the international level, both in connection with similar entities and in support of its companies, as well as reinforcing the importance of the area of efficiency in natural resources for this agroindustrial cluster.

Natureef is a consortium that intends to promote “a new business model” by designing and implementing a joint strategy to promote intersectoral cooperation, facilitating the dissemination and guiding small and medium-sized enterprises with regard to innovative technologies and the internationalization of the new Concept “Efficient Natural Resource”, which will contribute to the challenges of European Union society and to greater efficiency of natural resources.

In this way, the final objective of the consortium is to increase the base knowledge of the companies, together with the guided, sustainable use and recycling of natural resources, improving their efficiency in the agrifood chain and energy. The consortium intends to respond to the need for more scientific innovations in the management of natural resources, through targeted research, as well as the need to develop business and adapt existing techniques in the sectors involved in the consortium, such as biomass, energy services, agricultural technologies, water technologies or plant production.

The integration of Agrocluster Ribatejo into this consortium thus enables this cluster to be involved in the development of the latest technologies in the area of natural resources, being able to transfer to Ribatejo companies, specifically those associated with it, this type of technological knowledge.

The emergence of new value chains, bringing together innovative companies from different sectors, providing better support to SMEs in global competition and offering large-scale innovative solutions to better address global challenges are, In this way, the advantages inherent to the integration of Agrocluster in the Natureef network.

In addition to Agrocluster Ribatejo, Natureef integrates partners from 9 European countries: Biomastec (Germany), Vegepolys (France), Green Synergy Cluster (Bulgaria), Enviroment Cluster (Austria), Green Chemestry (Poland), Innoskart Hydro & Energy (Czech Republic), Inbiom (Denmark) and Femac (Spain).

The second general meeting of the project was held in the national territory, in the “home” of the Agrocluster Ribatejo, in Torres Novas.

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